eDirect Mail

More Return for Your Marketing Investment

With Victory eDirect Mail solutions, you can make the most of a tight marketing budget. Unlike traditional direct mail, our eDirect Mail communications require virtually no production, materials or postage. Plus, these campaigns can be many times more cost-effective since each message costs only fractions of a cent to send. In fact, Directmag.com noted that in 2009, commercial e-mail returned an incredible $43.62 for every dollar spent and drove $26 billion (that’s with a “b”) in sales.

Communicate Proactively

eDirect Mail solutions from Victory put you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to proactively communicate with existing customers and prospects. Your communications can be targeted according to a variety of criteria, including client interests, promotional dates, sources and more.

Creation to Deployment in Minutes, Not Days

Our easy-to-use suite of self-service tools allows you to create compelling email communications in just minutes – not days or weeks. You no longer need to rely your advertising agency to craft professional digital communications. And as soon as your email is deployed, you can begin tracking responses for instant feedback and optimization.

Real-Time Performance Measures

Results from Victory eDirect Mail campaigns can be measured in real-time, with “opens” and click through rates (CTRs) quantified instantly.

Simplicity Rules

Because our system is Web-based, you can access your account from anywhere in the world. Our solutions include:

  • custom-built HTML templates
  • list segmentation
  • auto-senders and targeting capabilities
  • automatic tracking and reporting

Download our eDirect Mail brochure and see why we say it’s simple, yet powerful. And it’s just a few clicks away.