Direct Mail

From list maintenance to inventory control, printing to finishing, labeling to storage, Victory provides total control of your direct marketing program. Whether it’s a simple postcard mailing or a highly personalized multimedia campaign, you can count on us to handle every detail flawlessly.

Data Management

Quality data is essential to the effectiveness of any mailing. That’s why Victory specializes in mailing list clean-up and preparation, maximizing postal economy and deliverability. Integration of variable data adds even more high-impact personalization.

Variable Data Digital Direct Mail

To be effective, direct mail must be accurately targeted, graphically engaging and personalized. By combining the most sophisticated variable data personalization capabilities with on-demand black & white or color digital printing, Victory gives you maximum impact at a minimal cost. Our offerings include:

  • Variable Data Printing

    This technique taps database information to determine the visual and informational content of each printed piece. If Prospect ‘A’ expressed interest in a particular product, it would be pictured and described, while Prospect ‘B’ would receive pictures and text related to his/her stated preferences.

  • Variable Imaging

    This technology gives our clients the ability to change images dynamically while on-press, allowing each printed piece to include a unique set of images.

  • One-To-One Marketing

    The ultimate in Variable Data Printing, One-to-One Marketing creates a direct interchange between a potential buyer and a potential seller, right on the printed page. Victory can make that marketing landscape a high quality and highly colorful one, allowing clients to more directly address the individual needs of each prospect.